Stephen D. Colhoun

Stephen D. Colhoun became a well-known glamour photographer from the beginning of his career in 1950. The image on the left is one of his most well-known images used for the advertisement of brassieres. His fashion photography was used for advertisement purposes across many different industries over the years.

I discovered Colhoun in a book; ………… drawn in by the well-known glamour image. Inspired by the genre of my latest assignment i wanted to see his there was a technique i could incorporate. What caught me the most was the angle that he captured the women. Not a conventional way of glamour photography, with the domination of the blurred areas not relative to the subject. However, I feel this adds a secretive element to what is known today as a very private genre of photography for many women seeking a confidence-boosting photoshoot.

Glamour photography can have an element of ‘teasing’, the purpose of the images to attract others sexually to the person involved. An element of teasing, a ‘chase’ in the images can only heighten this desire from the audience. I like Colhoun’s image as it very natural, a staged setup, but the pose doesn’t appear like it could be composed. There is something very sexy but natural about the subject and the way she holds herself, you see different sides of a character in each shot, without the images appearing too false.