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…portrait photography, is the most broad genres there could be in this industry. I am frequently booked not only for my style of work, but for my attitude in the studio and on location. Portraits aren’t just for formal occasions, Portraits are for personal growth, confidence, to document a time, to preserve a memory…and I haven’t even mentioned to Promote.

My Talent

I believe my talent as a creative photographer is being able to admit that I am still learning. Like a beginner, you never stop admiring other photographer’s work. You never stop aspiring to become more successful and improve your talents. Even after 7 years, I continue with training and research, as well as ongoing partnerships with a whole host of businesses through Lancashire.

Hence I like to think that even now I have built my reputation, I have not become snobbish. Taking on any project put in front of me, and performing to the best of my ability. I will willingly help any business achieve their goals, as successful results is what motivates me to pursue new challenges.

My Inspiration

So, I will happily admit that two of my favourite photographer’s are; Lara Jade and Emily Soto. As well as their incredibly striking photoshoots and editorials, it is their variety of collaborations and niche’s, that I believe have allowed them both to continually stand out from other Fashion Photographers. Most relevant to my view-point, is how well these two talented photographers work together, no malice or competition. They run online webinars and workshops together, around the world.

Furthermore, they both boast ongoing partnerships, commissions and collaborations with small and large, brands and businesses in a variety of industries. As well as Fashion, they have also dabbled in Commercial Wedding Photography and Editorial.