Rosie Hardy has quickly become one my best, newest influences in my future photography. Her work has inspired me to return to my roots of whimsical, make-belief photography and embrace it. For many years now I have tried to conform with the latest trends and expectations from the industry of Weddings, Commercial and Family photography, forgetting that what I often highly commended for is my editing abilities. Hardy’s work, particularly her self-portraits are fun, experimental and interesting. Some of them are actually not too complicated for me to try and create myself. Others I can’t comprehend them at present, but I love that leaves me drawn to them, re-visiting them again and again in admiration.

When I was 18, I did a series of fairytale inspired images for my own personal development. My favourite creation was the Thumbelina homage in which I photoshopped the same model as a miniature for Thumbelina and for the ‘human’. Hardy’s work takes me back to that young passion I had and pokes those wild ideas in my brain. I look through so many of these images, like the leaf image below and the dress blending into the tree and thinking ‘I can do that, I know how to make that happen’. So, why aren’t I not doing it?

To me the below image depicts a memory, the girl in the black dress in the foreground is looking back at a far away memory of a loved one lost. This powerful, yet happy creation is an emotional image I am sure many can associate with and have empathy with. This image is also very comforting to viewers who have an understanding of the possible story I have suggested, as it isn’t shown as sad, but as a happy opening of a memory, still there, but altered.

Rosie Hardy has above all, given me confidence to find inspiration and not just to admire, but to act upon. I love the use of colour texture in clothing and objects to blend them with nature and elements such as trees and snow, giving clever, almost funny pieces of artwork, that have every viewer re-visiting.