I am forever inspired by the work of Lara Jade and Emily Soto, two of my favourite fashion and portrait photographers. They have the advantage of working with beautiful slim models with wonderful facial features than ca pull off a flatter and softer lighting. I tried to recreate this in a bridal style shoot of my own with a model; Gabriella.

Using the largest soft box i had with a low light strength, meant that the light was a soft as i knew how to make it. The walls to my studio are painted white so this helped diffuse the light source even more so. To light the background i had a umbrella light set much higher to work against the subject lighting, and be the more dominant source, needed for a white background.

I was very happy with the results, achieving what i hoped for, still flattering the model, but being a new style of photography i would be able to replicate. I still felt that the images were not completely relatable to my inspiration.

Emily Soto – Education Workshop

Although, i think the final complaints i have with the image are actually down to the editing. Or rather, the editing Emily Soto has achieved with her images compared to mine. I went for very minimal editing, steering away from my usual action presets (adding warmth to the image), so to just keep the images in a very raw, nude tone which suited the overall affect i had wanted.

Moving forward, i feel like ‘mission is complete’; i have successfully created flat, naturally lighting. Now, moving on to new actions and editing…

To be continued.