Terms & Conditions


Upon booking your wedding with me you will receive an invoice containing the balance and the details of your booking. A £50 deposit is required to secure your booking, but this is included in the price and will be deducted from the balance.


Payments towards the balance can be made in installments to suit you, although the full balance is required within 1 week of your wedding date. Updated invoices can be provided on request.


Before your wedding I will either arrange a phone call or a face-to-face meeting (dependant on location and availability), to go through the schedule for your day. A schedule may seem excessive, but it is a tool which provides me the details of the key people to photograph on your wedding day. Without this plan I would be reliant on you organising your wedding day, which doesn’t sound like much fun for you! The plan will also cover timings, key events and people that you want capturing. I will ensure to the best of my ability that 100% of this list is captured in a natural or traditional posed style (dependant on the subject). If on the day you think of any additional scenes you want capturing, then feel free to let me know and to the best of my ability I will capture this. Upon viewing my portfolio and booking for your wedding, you have decided to invest in my services to photograph your special day because you are confident that I can give you results which you will cherish. If in the event an image/scene wasn’t captured but wasn’t specified prior to the wedding in the plan, or choregraphed by yourselves on the day, I cannot be held responsible and this should not be a reflection on my otherwise 5-star services.


To date, I have never had a dissatisfied customer and I ask you to bear in mind the requirements set out to me or any other photographer before voicing a concern. I can edit images to suit your requirements (as much as possible within my capability), and if you have dissatisfaction with the editing then I will be happy to improve on this for you. You should not book a photographer based solely on price or recommendation, as your expectations might be different to my style or another photographers style. When booking me, you are in acceptance of my way of working (which will be discussed prior to booking) and my style of photography.